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Timex Photo Gallery


Timex Sinclair

TS1000 Board component side
TS1000 Board non component side
TS1000 made by TMX Portugal
TS1000 Box
TS1000 with TS2040
TS1000 User Manual
TS1000 Tapes
TS1016 16K RAM Expansion
TS1016 16K RAM Expansion
TS1016 ad
TS1500 Box
TS1500 ad
TS1500 Board
TS1500 Back
TS1510 cartridge
TS2000 prototype
TS2020 ad
TS2020 detail
TS2020 AC Adapter box 1
TS2020 AC Adapter box 2
TS2020 AC Adapter box 3
TS2020 AC Adapter box 4
TS2040 Box
TS2040 silver version
TS2040 paper order-font
TS2040 paper order-back
TS2040 paper
TS2050 Program Tape
TS2050 Front
TS2050 ad
TS2068 Box
TS2068 Board
TS2068 cartridge
TS2068 tapes
TS2068 with BEU, TS2050 and more
TS2068 Flyer front
TS2068 Flyer back
TS2068 Squematic
TS2068 User Manual
TS2068 Keyboard
TS2068 ad
Crazybugs box
Crazybugs cartridge
States and Capitals box
States and Capitals cartridge
Cartridge Specification 1
Cartridge Specification 2
Timex Winter Catalog
Time Designs Magazine-May87
Time Designs Magazine-Jan87

Timex Computer

TC2010 connections
TC2010 User Manual
Connections on TC2048
Timex Computer Power Supply
TC2048 with Timex FDD (170K)
TC2048 (380K)
TC2048 (180K)
TC2048 Board (304K)
TC2048 with TC2068 template
TC2048 with original template
TC2048 Demo Tape
TC2048 User Manual
TC2048 box - front
TC2048 box - back
TC2048 with FDD
TC2048 with FDD3000
TC2068 box - font
TC2068 User Manual
TC2068 Keyboard
TC2068 Board
TC2068 PSU
Black TC2068
Silver TC2068
TC2068 Squematic (800K)
TC2068 Spectrum Emulator Cartridge
TT3000 with FDD3000 and Neptun monitor
FDD 3" disk
Timex Interface
Timex Interface board
Timex FDD Controller
Timex FDD Controller
Timex FDD Power Supply
Timex FDD Floppy Disk Drive
Timex FDD box
Timex FDD
Timex FDD
Timex FDD
Timex FDD User Manual
FDD3000 CP/M User Manual
FDD3000 Controller Squematic (380K)
Timex FDD3000
Timex FDD3000
Timex FDD3000 back
Timex FDD3000 box
Timex FDD3000 inside
Timex FDD3000 controller issue 2
Timex FDD3000 controller issue ?
Timex FDD3000 controller issue ?
Timex FDD3000 controller issue ?
Time Word cartridge
Time Word User Manual
Timex Interface RS232
Timex Interface RS232 Tape
Joystick-Sound Unit
Joystick-Sound Unit
Joystick-Sound Unit Box
Joystick-Sound Unit Inside
Joystick-Sound Unit Board detail
BASIC 64 - TC2048 User Manual
BASIC 64 - TC2068 User Manual
1st Timex Computer Game contest tape cover

Zebra Systems
Zebra Systems FDD
Zebra Systems FDD3000

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